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Organic & sustainable Japanese Green Tea Brand from Melbourne, australia.

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Our tea

Certified Organic

Teafy's tea products boast prestigious organic certifications, including recognition from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Japanese Agriculture Standard (JAS), European Union Organic (EU), and Canada Organic Regime (COR). Our unwavering commitment to organic excellence is demonstrated through a rigorous certification process that encompasses every aspect of our operations, from our carefully tended farms and sourcing procedures to manufacturing and storage. This dedication ensures a consistent and reliable supply of premium organic products for our valued customers.

Product of Japan

Our tea is sourced from the best regions of Japan. Japan is known for its rich quality in tea due to its perfect climatic conditions. 

Sustainably Farmed

We believe in the importance of preserving and nurturing the environment through sustainable practice. Together, with our local tea farmers we work towards in ensuring the growth of rich quality tea along that also helps the planet we live on. 

Purest Blend

We provide premium quality organic tea. Each leaf is handpicked by our farmers and harvested at different seasons to ensure freshness and authentic flavours and aroma. 


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