Quick and Creamy Hojicha Latte

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Hojicha Latte Recipe

Hojicha isa roasted green tea that delivers a slightly nutty and caramelised taste. It is often the alternative to matcha due to its similar characteristics and use in baking and drinks.


Rather than a simple brewed tea, lattes are being introduced into the mix for a creative and unique blends of taste. The combination of lattes and teas are a popular alternative in Japan. Often it is topped with milk froth to add that extra creaminess to the tea latte.


In Japan,it is a popular selection in Japan, with many café’s using hojicha to create lattes. It is made with a cold layer of milk with brewed hojicha tea. When blended together, it creates a smooth creamy frothed latte to enjoy! This recipe is super easy and quick when you’re on a run or wanting for a quick pick me up.

hojicha latte frothed




Step 1

Brew Teafy’s Hojicha loose leaf according to the package instructions.

Step 2

Pour the tea into a small bowl and add 3tablespoons of hot water.

Step 3

Heat the milk over the stove until warm or lightly steaming.

Step 4

Using a frother to froth the heated milk. If you don’t have a frother, use whisker to froth the milk. Keep in mind this may take a while for the milk to froth.

Step 5

Pour the tea into a cup followed by the frothed milk.

Step 6

Add the desired sweetener.

Step 7

Dust the froth with some cinnamon or nutmeg.