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As I embarked on my global adventures, I discovered that exploration often leads to the discovery of life's greatest pleasures. It was during my journey to Japan, a land known for its rich culture and traditions, that I stumbled upon something truly unique and profound: Japanese tea.

Upon arriving in Japan, I was drawn to the deep-rooted culture of perfecting the art of crafting the perfect cup of green tea. I immersed myself in the intricate process and meticulous preparation, finding something new and inspiring about green tea with each passing day.

Under the guidance of an experienced tea farmer and a tea taster hailing from Kyoto, the city renowned for its matcha green tea heritage, I embarked on a two-year journey to understand and master the artisanal skills of tea. Even today, I continue to expand my knowledge and expertise in this ancient art. My connection with Japanese tea deepened as I delved into the intricate methods of preparing green tea to unlock its astounding array of flavors and aromas.

My travels across Japan unveiled the traditional Japanese tea cultivation in Shizuoka, an experience that forever changed my perspective on tea. The high-altitude tea farms, nurtured by specific humidity levels, played a crucial role in enhancing the growth, astringency, and richness of the tea leaves. I was captivated by the farming traditions passed down through countless generations, preserving the essence of Japanese Sencha/Green tea cultivation.

It was at this juncture that the seed of Teafy was planted, and my passion for Japanese tea blossomed. Since then, I have never looked back.

My journey led me to the tea farms in Shizuoka, where I witnessed firsthand the significance of natural conditions in nurturing exceptional tea leaves. These high-altitude regions, with their specific humidity levels, were instrumental in elevating the quality of Japanese Sencha/Green tea. The time-honored farming traditions, passed down through generations, have been carefully preserved to ensure the rich cultivation of this beloved tea.

Through Teafy, I am thrilled to share with you a range of hand-picked, unique selections that I've personally curated and perfected over time. My aim is to connect you with the incredible benefits and flavors of Japanese tea, a tradition that has brought joy to the Japanese for generations. Teafy products are not just unique and organic; they are also sustainably packaged and fairly traded, a testament to our commitment to excellence and ethical practices. With every cup of Teafy tea, I hope to deliver not only a taste of Japan but also a touch of wellness and clarity. These are the gifts I discovered during a journey I'll forever cherish.


Kris Pillai

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