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Finely crafted tea.

   Teafy, an Australian-based Japanese tea brand, takes immense pride in sharing the pinnacle of finely crafted premium Japanese tea with the world.

   Our passion for authentic Japanese teas is rooted in traditions that have been cherished for generations. At Teafy, we understand the importance of preserving the heritage and flavors of Japanese tea, and we are committed to delivering nothing but the best to our customers. We offer a curated selection of some of the most revered Japanese tea varieties, including sencha, genmaicha, hojicha, and ceremonial grade matcha.

    Our journey at Teafy is driven by a deep respect for the rich tea culture of Japan. We source our teas from the finest tea gardens in Japan to bring you the authentic taste and aroma that have been celebrated for centuries. Each sip of Teafy tea is a journey back in time, a connection to the heritage of Japan's tea artisans.

    Our mission is to continue this tradition of excellence and share the essence of Japan's tea culture with the world. Experience the finest Japanese tea with Teafy.

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Our Commitment:

Organic Farming: We take pride in cultivating our own teas. Passed down through generations, our refined techniques result in teas that embody taste, color, freshness, and aroma.

High Altitudes: Nestled in Shizuoka’s high-altitude plantations, our teas benefit from unique climatic conditions. This imparts a distinct character to our offerings.

Varieties: Explore our curated selection:

   Sencha: Classic green tea with a fresh, grassy flavor.
   Genmaicha: Nutty blend of green tea and roasted brown rice.
   Hojicha: Toasty, caramel-like roasted green tea.
   Matcha: Finely ground powder for traditional tea ceremonies.

Elevating Tea Culture: At Teafy, we’re more than a brand-we’re custodians of Japan’s tea heritage. Join us on a journey of taste, tradition, and excellence. Every cup reflects our commitment to quality and the art of tea cultivation.

Discover Teafy today and savor the essence of Japan in every sip.

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Japanese Champion:

        Our journey begins with the careful selection of tea leaves, which are managed under precise steaming conditions within our certified organic tea factories.

       This process ensures that the natural essence of steam tea remains unadulterated, preserving the integrity of the leaves and extracting the precious flavors that define our teas.

         We hold sustainability and fair-trade practices in the highest regard, and we are committed to providing you with the best quality and ethical practices.

        Our partnerships with a three-time consecutive Japanese National Tea Tasting Champion and a third-generation Japanese Tea Master are a testament to our dedication to excellence.

         Our tea is meticulously tested, tasted, and evaluated to ensure its quality, taste, flavor, and freshness before it is carefully packaged and delivered to your doorstep. With Teafy, you can trust that every cup of our organic Japanese tea embodies the artistry that defines Japanese tea culture.

          Indulge in the tradition and taste of Japanese tea with Teafy, and savor every sip of our fine organic tea.

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Our Sustainability:

        At Teafy®, we believe that the art of tea begins with a deep respect for the environment. Our tea farmers, nestled amidst breathtaking mountain landscapes, embody this philosophy. Here’s how we cultivate our exceptional teas sustainably:

              1.Harmony with Nature: Our farmers work in sync with the natural world, harnessing the soil’s potential, the purity of the air, and the life-giving water. By embracing nature’s wisdom, we create teas that resonate with authenticity.

               2.Chemical-Free Practices: We take a firm stand against harmful chemicals and synthetic pesticides. Our commitment to organic farming ensures that our tea leaves grow free from artificial interference. The result? Unadulterated, high-quality tea that reflects the pristine environment it comes from.

               3.Preserving Beauty: Every cup of Teafy® tea is a tribute to the beauty of our planet. From the mist-covered hills to the sun-kissed valleys, our teas encapsulate the natural wonders that surround our farms.

Join us on a sustainable tea journey. Explore our collection of organic Japanese green teas at our shop and savor the flavors of nature.

A woman, dresses in traditional Japanese clothing, is preparing a fresh cup of matcha green tea

Shared Traditions:

             Japan has been renowned for its exceptional quality of premium Japanese tea for a long time. This legacy is rooted in the time-honored practices and skills passed down through generations. This rich heritage sets our Japanese Green tea apart, making it a symbol of distinction when compared to Western tea traditions.

            At Teafy, we warmly invite all tea enthusiasts to embark on a journey of discovery and immerse themselves in the profound appreciation of the art of organic Japanese tea. Our dedicated tea farmers have preserved and nurtured these age-old traditions and breathe life into the essence of traditional Japanese tea.

            With every sip of Teafy tea, you not only taste the exquisite flavors but also experience a profound connection to the deep-rooted culture and craftsmanship that have kept Japan at the pinnacle of tea excellence. Welcome to Teafy, where the legacy of Japanese tea comes alive, inviting you to savor the essence of tradition in every cup.

Sipping Sustainability, Savoring Excellence:

Teafy, Where Every Cup Makes a Difference!

Our Vision

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    Teafy has a clear vision of becoming the most reputable, reliable, and trusted authentic Japanese tea brand in Australia. To achieve this vision, Teafy has collaborated with tea masters across Japan to introduce the Australian market to the rich variety and exceptional quality of steam tea and ceremonial grade matcha that Japan is renowned for.

     Teafy's mission is two-fold: to make the world of Japanese tea accessible to tea enthusiasts in Australia and to support and celebrate the local tea community. By staying dedicated to authenticity, quality, and tradition, Teafy is creating a bridge that connects tea lovers with the artistry and craftsmanship of Japanese tea.

     Teafy invites you to join them on this journey where tradition meets innovation and every cup of Teafy tea is a testament to their commitment to excellence, diversity, and heritage.

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I ordered this brand for the first time because one of my friends recommended me this and believe me now I am going to buy this tea only, what makes it best is this is powdered tea and have smaller te


Amazon Customer

Quality of green tea is fantastic. Definitely better quality compared to others on the market.


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Opening this bag, and taking a whiff, it certainly smelled like heaven to me! All the ingredients just blend together so well.


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The tea smelt and tasted fresh. Would definitely recommend this tea! I can see why its premium quality. Enjoy!


Amazon Customer

I love Japanese teas and this brand was no disappointment. The flavors are light and crisp, very refreshing, and very well balanced.