Genmaicha Milk Tea

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Genmaicha Milk Tea


Genmaicha is a popular tea in Japan that has goes back through many years. Like many of the green teas, Genmaicha is brewed with sencha leaves and roasted brown rice. Itis a beverage that is often described as a refreshing and calming beverage to consume at the end of the day.


The taste is a blend of roasted rice and umami taste. It is less bitter as there is an even amount of tea leaves and roasted brown rice.


Nowadays, genmaicha is even much more creative. There are genmaicha based recipes whether that be sweet or savoury. Another common trend is also tea lattes with that extra spunk of creamy milk.


Just like abubble tea, this genmaicha will fill your mouthwatering addiction of boba to a whole other level. No longer will you request for the basic premium tea but genmaicha premium tea!


Step 1

Brew Teafy’s Genmaicha loose leaf according to the package instructions.

Step 2

Steep tea for 2-3 minute or longer for more prominent taste.

Step 3

Strain and pour tea into a class. Add sugar or sweetener of choice.

Step 4

Pour milk. Add ice for a colder preference.


Happy cuppa!